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Thursday May 16, 2024

Gene Hoglan makes a mighty return! We're talking the recently wrapped Dethklok tour, the upcoming Death To All tour, Bear McCreary, playing (virtually) with Devin Townsend, and More. Ché Aimee Dorval discusses her first band. Then I recommend the Sacramento death metal wildcards Seawater.
Gene Hoglan Death To All Tour -  Instagram
Ché Aimee Dorval Website - Instagram
Seawater Bandcamp - Instagram

131 - Caligula's Horse

Wednesday Jan 24, 2024

Wednesday Jan 24, 2024

Sam Vallen from Caligula's Horse is on and we're chatting about their new record Charcoal Grace, writing super long songs, vision boarding albums, opening for this podcast's hero Devin Townsend, and more!
Caligula's Horse Order Charcoal Grace - Instagram - Facebook

130 - Filth Is Eternal

Thursday Sep 21, 2023

Thursday Sep 21, 2023

Lis Di Angelo back to the show! This time we are talking about the band's new album Find Out which is out on September 29th via MNRK Music Group. We're also chatting Dungeons and Dragons, what it means to Find Out, Buc-ee's, how the record ties to Lis coming out as non-binary, Lis's weirdest show moment, having a "Let's Go" attitude on the record, and more.
Filth Is Eternal Bandcamp - Instagram

Thursday Jul 06, 2023

Abraham Lincoln is on to talk about the band he manages Nuclear Power Trio. We're chatting about the band's new album Wet Ass Plutonium, their wild night in Miami that re-birthed the band, Abe's return to the living, the back of Dave Otero's head and more. Ian from Cyborg Octopus discusses his first band. Then I recommend Allazuul.
Nuclear Power Trio Buy Wet Ass Plutonium - Follow on Instagram
Cyborg Octopus Order Between The Light and Air - Website
Allazuul Bandcamp - Instagram

Thursday Jun 22, 2023

Luke from Pupil Slicer is on to talk about the band's new record Blossom, slap bass, his day job, genre dabbling, and more. Frédérick Filiatrault of Vvon Dogma I disccuses his first band. Then I recommend Porto's Phase Transition.
Pupil Slicer Website - Bandcamp - Luke's IG
Vvon Dogma I Bandcamp - Instagram
Phase Transition Website - "Your Guide"

Thursday Jun 08, 2023

Guitarist Trey Pemberton from Creeping Death is on the show and we're chatting about the band's new record Boundless Domain, working with Corpsegrinder, Adam D, weird influences, covering songs by their friends, Motorhead, and More. Then Matt from Periphery discusses his first band. Finally, I recommend the Belgian progressive, melodic death metal band Catalyst.
Creeping Death Bandcamp - Website
Periphery Website - Matt's Instagram
Catalyst Website - Instagram

126 - Geezer Butler

Thursday May 25, 2023

Thursday May 25, 2023

Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath is on the show! We're talking about his new book Into The Void From Birth To Black Sabbath - And Beyond which will be out June 6th via Dey Street Books. We also talk about Black Sabbath, bass, seeing Taylor Swift live, books, and - because this was a legitimate dream of mine - cats.
Pre-order his book here
Geezer's Website

125 - Vvon Dogma I & Haken

Thursday May 04, 2023

Thursday May 04, 2023

Vvon Dogma I frontman/bassist Frederick Filiatrault is on to talk about their new album The Kvlt of Glitch as well as his 1-string bass synth thing, vocoders, covering Radiohead, and a lot more. Then Peter Jones from Haken discusses playing progressive metal epics during school assemblies with his first band.
Vvon Dogma I Bandcamp - Instagram
Haken Website - Peter's Instagram

Thursday Mar 30, 2023

Singer-songwriter, comedian, writer (MST3K), and one of my favorite podcast folks (Round Springfield) Allie Goertz is on to talk about her Nine Inch Nails covers album Peeled Back. We talk about her showing her mom her cover of "Closer," her head-first dive into the deep end of NIN, choosing the songs to cover, The Simpsons, potential future things this project has sparked, and a lot more.
Hear more clips and pledge to the NIN: Peeled Back Kickstarter here
And find all things Allie here.

123 - Ne Obliviscaris

Thursday Mar 23, 2023

Thursday Mar 23, 2023

Violinist and singer Tim Charles from Ne Obliviscaris is back! This time we're talking about their new album Exul, his recent mental heath struggles and turn towards mindfulness to overcome them, taking his new outlook on life on the road, working with is daughter in the "Graal" video, and more!
Ne Obliviscaris Website - Instagram - Tim's Instagram

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